About Sean Cayton

Self-portrait of Photographer Sean Cayton

Sean Cayton practices documentary and fine art photography using his iPhone. Starting as a photojournalist for small newspapers on the Western Slope of Colorado, he graduated to freelancing for the Denver Post and the Colorado Springs Independent. In his photojournalism career he focused on photographing long-form documentary and investigative stories centered on social justice.

Sean photographed uranium miners in the four corners area, expectant mothers in prison, and soldier's with undiagnosed TBI's and PTSD returning from the war in Iraq. Other stories included the Hayman fire, the largest wildfire in Colorado history, and the fate of Ft. Lyon VA, a now-closed home for elderly veterans.

In 2000, Sean began a successful wedding photography studio in Colorado Springs. During this period, he photographed wedding ceremonies at wineries, on ski hills, at beaches, farms, a castle and the zoo.

Sean began using an iPhone to photograph 10 years ago. Until recently, he never considered the iPhone to be a camera equivalent. Improvements to the iPhone including the advent of computational photography allow him to explore more creative possibilities. Sean's well known for approaching his work in a manner that allows for the subject to be photographed discreetly. The iPhone does this with ease.

"I always thought the iPhone is a wonderful camera to take pictures of friends and family. But over the the past few years, that's changed.

The iPhone offers both creative possibilities and incredible print quality. The images I've made with the newer iPhone's remind me why I decided to be a photographer. I can permanently record experiences I have everyday on the street as well as in my travels. Ultimately, the photographs represent a visual experience.

I'm excited to offer these fine art photographs as prints. Rarely do we print anything anymore. Printing the work has been a lot of fun.”